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icon-energy-auditStart with a FREE Home Energy Audit*

Your First Step Towards a Comfortable, Safe, and Energy-Efficient Home

We evaluate your home thoroughly, using state of the art testing equipment. The results of the test are put into an advanced computer program to create a customized report just for your home. The report will show if your home needs insulation or air sealing, updated heating & cooling equipment, and confirm whether or not health and or safety issues exist, and more.

Once we have the test results, we will share them with you and discuss what they mean. The best part is if your home is in need of upgraded or additional energy savings and comfort measures, we can qualify you for significant rebates and incentives through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program in conjunction with New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™. Qualifications do apply.

Key Areas We Evaluate During the Energy Audit

  1. Air Infiltration / Leakage Rates
  2. Insulation Levels
  3. Heating & Cooling System Efficiency
  4. Moisture / Mold / Mildew Issues / CO Levels
  5. Air Flow

Only Building Performance Institute (BPI) Auditors are Used to Perform Your Home Energy Evaluation

Our company has unparalleled experience and credentials leading the way in energy management, energy savings, air flow, ventilation, moisture control and comfort both inside and outside the home’s thermal envelop. We have helped homeowners throughout Southern and Central New Jersey identify areas in their home where “best cost improvements” can be made leading to a better quality of life with improved conditions.

A little about Building Performance Institute (BPI): BPI tests and certifies individuals to verify that they meet the standards set for properly addressing a home’s energy and comfort needs. These are problems that regular contractors or even the best do-it-yourself homeowner’s cannot solve. Certification is based on testing in and testing out protocols which include classroom as well as field observation set by the American National Standards Institute. National protocols help reduce program risk and increase accountability for the industry and homeowners. In addition, only BPI accredited companies can qualify for state rebates through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®!

Available Rebates and Incentives

The Insulation-Heating & Cooling Group can offer incentives and rebates through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program up to $4,000.00 as well as manufacturer and TIG rebates and incentives up to $1,000.00 for a potential cost reduction amount of $5,000.00. Additionally, there are 0% financing and low interest options up to $15,000.000 with no money down. Qualifications do apply for these offerings.

What does it include?

  • A thorough health and safety test including testing all combustion appliances such gas furnaces, water heaters and gas ovens.  This includes a CO test (carbon monoxide), checking for gas leaks and an overall evaluation of the efficiency and general condition of all gas and main electrical appliances. In addition, the home is checked for possible mold and mildew problems
  • Measuring the insulation (R-values) throughout the different areas of your home, such as the attic, and checking for poor coverage areas, correct ventilation, and an overall assessment of any blow in insulation and/or fiberglass batts insulation
  • Measuring your home’s air leakage rate with a Blower Door test to determine if air sealing is needed to improve the homes energy efficiency
  • Review your past utility bills to determine the potential savings using an advanced NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® computer modeling program
  • Evaluate your lighting and appliances and making recommendations
  • Provide you information and documentation on any rebates available from NJ or any federal tax rebates you could qualify for based on energy efficiency improvements you make

What can I expect?

Phase 1: A BPI auditor will

  • Assess your home as a “total home system” and completes a thorough inspection of the living space, attic, basement (or crawl spaces)
  • Perform a number of diagnostic tests including blower door depressurization, thermal leak detection and in some cases, infra-red imagery
  • Check the air quality on combustion (gas) appliances for carbon monoxide levels and insure the home maintains proper air flow / ventilation
  • Input information into a software program and a report will be generated on the current condition of your home

Phase 2: We will then

  • Use the results from the assessment to develop a work scope for proposed improvements, including an energy savings analysis
  • Review your past energy consumption to determine what the potential savings could be
  • Recommend improvements that will determine your pay back on your investment
  • The most cost-effective measures are usually air sealing and adding insulation, but there are other services we may recommend depending on the circumstances in accordance with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program

What are the key benefits?

    • Educates you about your home and how it functions
    • Looks at your home’s thermal performance to see where it can be improved
    • Uses sophisticated equipment to look at how and where your home leaks expensive conditioned air, where your insulation layer is not well installed or is too thin, as well as the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment
    • Checks for any safety problems with your combustion appliances and look for causes of actual or potential mold / mildew growth
    • Recommendations are based on tested and proven methods established by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

*Qualifications do apply.